BTE Tools

Super Taper

Quick and Easy Drywall Taping Solution from BTE Tools

The BTE Super Taper!

Built for the serious drywall worker or the first time taper, the Super Taper is an alternative to messy and breakable automatic tapers. If you need to get taping done quickly, easily, and cheaply -  the Super Taper is your answer. The Super Taper increases your efficiency by allowing multiple workers to tape simultaneously.

It Sets Up in Seconds!

The Super Taper simplifies the traditional taping process and requires no additional machinery or pumps. The Super Taper attaches to any 5-gallon bucket and once the tape is threaded through, as you pull the tape it will apply mud to one side. The only adjustment needed is your preferred amount of mud to be applied.

Professional contractors will find the Super Taper the perfect taping tool when their automatic taper won’t fit such as closets and bathrooms or up high on scaffolding.

The Super Taper is constructed of lightweight aluminum and has no wearable parts for long-lasting use. In addition to being perfect for standard taping jobs, the Super Taper is a must for fire taping with heavy-duty portability.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle anywhere on the jobsite, perfect for small rooms
  • Portable size fits on any 5-gallon bucket, requires no extra equipment
  • Simple heavy duty aluminum construction without wearable parts to eliminate downtime
  • Can be used by multiple people at once to speed up the job
  • Takes no training, even beginners can tape right away!