BTE Tools

Better-Than-Ever Tools: Manufacturers of drywall tools made for the professional drywall finisher and easy enough for the drywall DIY'er to use. Our drywall tools are durable enough to be used everyday by the professional drywall finishers but priced so that even occasional drywall finishers can afford them.


Better Than Ever Tools Inc. was established in 1987 by professional drywall finishers with the goal of creating a system for taping and finishing. The desire was to create tools that are cost effective, efficient and faster than any other system available. We wanted to change the landscape of drywall tools on the market today.


If you've ever had the pleasure of using our tools, you would agree that our goal has become a reality.


With the Super Taper system, the full Taping Tool Kit and a full line of Flushers, Applicators, Rollers and Accessories, Better Than Ever Tools are the key to changing your drywall finishing forever.


We are a division of Great Northern Building Products, a family of products offering professional tradespeople the solutions they need.

Better Than Ever Tools

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