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Drywallers love to share their successes online. Perfectly taped and finished jobs are shared across the internet. What's more interesting though? Drywall fails! Check out these images that show some of our favorite terrible drywall jobs.


Is this a drywall job or a jigsaw puzzle? Our favorite part is the dabs of tape on the top. Truly excellent work.


Professionals-do you think this is halfway done, or just poorly done? Looks like someone just had to get the job done quickly...


The combination of mold, terrible paint and terrible drywall work here makes this a winner.



The contractor on this job must have been a Zebra-excellent attempt at a stripe pattern. 2/10.

Sometimes it's best to leave the hole open. 


Don't make these same mistakes-use Better-Than-Ever Tools!

Written by Eric Lewis — November 01, 2013