BTE Tools

When it comes to finishing drywall, you don't need to blow out all the stops regarding tools. Finishing drywall is a complex job that can be done with simple tools, many of them available from Better-Than-Ever Tools. These are the basic building blocks that form a simple and effective tool set for finishing drywall. Without further ado, here is our list, based on professional experience:

Utility Razor Knife

Your utility knife should have a fixed blade for strength. Your knife will need to be able to score, pinch and cut through drywall, so it's best to purchase a utility knife made specifically for this purpose.

Tape Measure

A measuring tape is essential. Get your numbers right twice and cut once with the best tape measure you could find. You will want at least 30 ft of length for measuring drywall applications. 

Utility Saw

You never know when you might need to tear through some drywall. The Better-Than-Ever Jab Saw is specifically made for drywall work. With 11" of length and a serrated blade, it is perfectly made for tearing, sawing and ripping drywall. A rubber grip will keep you steady while you work. 

Drywall Hammer

A proper drywall hammer can reduce a room to rubble in a flash. The Better-Than-Ever Drywall Hatchet does even more. With a hammer end as well as a hatchet end, you'll never need another tool in hand.

Mud Pan

The mud pan or mud bucket is the reservoir for your all-important drywall mud. You can store mud and wipe your blade. You can also use a plastic bucket for many of the same purposes.

Drywall Sander

It doesn't get any better than the super sander. The increased angle range makes it so useful you'll have a hard time putting it down. The reduced flipping leads to increased production. With heavy duty construction, the Super Sander is built to last.

Sanding Blocks with Varying Grit

At some point in the job, you'll have some sanding to do-by hand. When this happens, you'll want various grits to get you through the job. 

Written by Eric Lewis — September 16, 2013